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VNZ New Zealand at NZ Hair & Beauty Expo 2017

Everybody loves a nice weekend when they do not have to go to work with their boss telling them what to do. And you know what else people love? It is the NZ Hair & Beauty Expo last Saturday and Sunday in Auckland. Despite the big storm raging in Wellington almost 3 days, VNZ and Judy Nguyen still made it to Auckland as promised to deliver the finest beauty service of Wellington. The plan was to pack everything from powder to tools in a van and send it to Auckland. But unfortunately, all the roads were closed due to that heavy storm. 


"... Judy Nguyen still made it to Auckland..."
But that could not stop the SNS Master Trainer from coming the event. Her team made a change of plan and pack a bit of everything and load them to the airplane sot that the customers would not lose the best VNZ could offer. 

"...a little bit of everything..."
6:30am, Judy arrived at the expo setting up her stall, number 220, with tools and merchandises to get ready for the show. VNZ welcomed everyone to come and try on free demos. The SNS Master Trainer did the nails herself. Those customers were very satisfied with her work.  
"...6:30am, Judy arrived at the expo setting up..."
"...welcomed everyone to come and try on free demos..."
"...customers were very satisfied..."
Click here to take a brief look from a VNZ personnel point of view at NZ Hair & Beauty Expo: https://youtu.be/SNkiitSGQCk 
VNZ attendance at NZ Hai & Beauty Show was successful. Everything ran smoothly even though they could not bring the best cannons with them due to the heavy storm. But the team ended improvising well. VNZ will be joining more events like this in the near future. Subscribe to our website and Facebook page to get the latest updates on our activities and offers with the link below: