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SNS Gelous Color Good Feedback!!!

Nobody would expect a local American nail product manufacturer who supplied for local mid range nail and beauty salons would one day become the number name of the nail industry. Throughout their career first dated back in 1996, SNS has provided nail salons a variety of products. The company has now earned the title of world number one nail product manufacturer, which is chosen and trusted by those who have passion in nails. The nail industry was filled with a new and fresh touch, an improved and innovated way to do nails. According to 4seasonsnail Wellington franchise statistics, about 80% to 90% of their total sales are SNS productsSNS is glad to come to New Zealand bringing the best of American nail products and technique to give Kiwis the nails they deserve. Let's look at what their customers think about them: 

Stephanie, executive position in Health Sector : 


Penny, writer of New Zealand Government:  


Loren Svensek, Manager at Miss Fox:

Marilyn Bardell: 

Besides the customers, SNS also received good feedback from their technicians as well.

Translation: "Thank you for bringing SNS closer to the reach of my shop. This winter, my shop has been much busier for there are a lot more clients coming to do SNS. In the last few years, they complained that their nails would break during winter. Now they come to do SNS very oftenly. It's easy to do, quick to do and earns swiftly as well. Hehe. Thanks a lot."