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Steam Gel Remover Unit

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Gel Nail Polish Remover Steam off Gel machine


1. Fast, convenient, easy to use and clean

2. Easy to operate. Please refer to user manual for d

3. High quality,safe,and good after - sales service

4. Save time: you can clean five fingers at once and quickly, save money on cotton & foil

5. Special new design.

6. Voltage: 100-240V

7. Plug specifications: Nz Plug


Type: Gel Nail Polish Remover Machine


Shape: As seen on photo. Name sticker might differ from actual product

Size of product:App 18cm*18cm*13cm

Quantity: 1 set

Weight:App 810g

Name: Steam Removal

Input: DC 12V/3A

Power: 36W


1. Open the cover and pour 5 ml each time of Acetone removal into the plastic pot

2. Use nail file or nail drill machine to file the top coat/ top layer away a little bit

3. Turn on the power switch:  "H" light is on, after "S" light on, you can put your fingers     into the top cover. Keeping fingers like crawling - see photo

4.The LED Gel Polish can be removed easily after 5 mins but for the extention UV Gel, it will take 10 mins. Use cuticle stick to push away the polish. Repeat if needed

5. View video for more instruction details

Safety Rules:

1. Always ensure that the unites is cool off and unplugged before cleaning and storing

2. Keep away from children

3. Do not clean the unit surface with acetone

4. Do not leave the appliance unattended when switched on

5. Do not touch the aluminium pot directly when the machine is working

Odoo text and image block

White & Black Cap

18*18*13 cm

How to video

Steam Gel Remover VNZ

Steam Gel Remover

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