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SNS Start Kit 6

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The SNS Pro Kit 6 includes everything that a well-established nail salon needs to create beautiful French Manicure Sets. This kit is the best option for those that love SNS. 

Pro Kit 6 comes with 6 powders, 7 gels and a French Dip Moulding to create the prefect smiling tip. Powder & French Dip Moulding 

1. Natural Pink Glitter 

2. Sunscreen 

3. Natural Fill 

4. Natural Set 

5. Natural Pink 

6. French White 

7. French Dip Moulding 

7 Gels 

1. Gel Base 

2. Brush Saver

 3. Sealer Dry 

4. Brush on Glue

 5. Gelous Base 

6. Gel Top 

7. Vitamin Oil

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- The PMU machine is exclusively designed for the nano PMU technique, create fine and precision lines.

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