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LeChat InteGlow Led Lamp

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Lechat INTEGLOW SMD LED Lamp 40WATT 30S 60S - LED Gel Light

The NEW Lechat INTEGLOW SMD LAmp Is a patent pending Design with advanced technology, highly efficient surface Mounted Device LED Lighs. Guaranteed to provide excellent curing results that will produce smooth and even curing every time.

Benefits of SMD LEDS:

  • Patent Pending desigh and technology
  • Sleek design with illumination effect
  • Hand sensor activated with two modes: automatic and manual
  • SMD LED lights configured for the most evenly distributed & efficient curing. Powerful 40w.
  • SMD LED is built with a larger contact point for better powder currents with less heat output
  • Emits a wider beam angle
  • Designed with more heat reducers to prevent overheating for longevity of the lamp
  • Elegant and clean design. Comfortable & Removable hand plate ideal for pedicure
  • LED digital timer display with 30 & 60 seconds memory setting



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