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Gelee Powder Gel Nail System Set

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Gelee Powder Gel Nail System Set


  •  1 top coat 0.5oz
  •  1 base coat 0.5oz
  •  1 primer 0.5 oz
  •  1 clear gel powder 2oz
  •  1 remover 8oz
  •  1 gel cleanser 8oz

            1. Nail Preparations:

a. Completely remove polish if any.

b. Push back cuticles.

c. Cleanse both you and your clients hands with Gelée™ Cleanser.

2. Prepare natural nails for tip application.

a. Use a 180 grit zebra file to etch the natural nail plate for the tip to adhere properly.

b. Apply tips using rock-on method.

c. Cut to desired length.

d. Rough up and blend with a 100/180 grit zebra file.

3. Using a nylon brush remove excess dust. Spray and wipe nails with Gelée™ Gel Cleanser using lint-free wipes.


4. Apply small amount of Gelée™ Primer to nail and let dry to a chalky white.


5. Gelée Base Coat (blue bottle) & Gel Powder® Application:

a. Apply a thin layer of Base Coat over ¾ of nail as if applying nail polish on all 5 fingers. Sprinkle Gel Powder® over entire nail while rocking client’s finger side to side, to ensure complete coverage. Focusing on side walls. Gently tap fingers to remove excess Gel Powder®.

b. Cure under LED lamp for 30 seconds (36 watt UV lam 1min). Repeat step (5a) for second layer.

c. Stress point coverage (recommend build one finger at a time): Apply thin layer of Base Coat over entire nail starting one millimeter away from cuticle down to the free-edge, add Base Coat in droplet form to the center of the nail bed. Wait until gel self level to desired depth, then sprinkle Gel Powder® using the same technique as in step (5a).

d. Cure under LED lamp for 30 seconds (36 watt UV lamp 1 min). Repeat step (5c) on all fingers.

6. Shaping:

a. Use a 100/180 Zebra file to shape and bevel nails to desired shape. Clean and taper around the cuticle and sidewalls.

b. Buff nail for an even smooth surface using a LeChat white block buffer.

c. Brush off dust using a nylon brush.

d. Spray and wipe nails using Gelée™ Gel Cleanser.

7. Gelée™ Top Coat (white bottle) Application:

a. Brush on a thin layer of Top Coat, make certain to cover entire nail and cap free edge for a complete seal. Prevent thickness by brushing few strokes from cuticle straight down to free edge before placing nail under LED/UV Lamp.

b. Cure under LED lamp for 30 seconds. (36 watt UV lamp 1 min).

c. Remove all gel residue from nails by spraying and wiping nails with Gelée Gel Cleanser.

d. Leave nails looking natural or finish with gel polish or nail lacquer.

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