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48W LED + CCFL Black

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We are excited to introduce a brand new lamp that uses both traditional UV and LED UV light to cure any Gel on the market! These new lamps utilize similar technology to the older generation of lamps – something called cold-cathode fluorescent light (CCFL) – to release light across a broad range of the UV spectrum just like like older 36w UV lamps of yesteryear, but with one main difference, CCFL bulbs are significantly more efficient and tend to last 20-30,000 hours! No more replacing those 9w bulbs! These new lamps also have LEDs to target light at the most common wavelengths within the UV spectrum to cure most LED curable products. 

The best of both worlds! Curing time: 10s, 20s, 30s. 

After the set time the lamp does not turn itself of but indicator light will be turned off to tell you the set time is over. Then pull you hand out before set for another turn. The timer works this way because of the lamp built in combination of CCFL + LED. CCFL + LED lamp all over the world works the same way. If you need convincing just search Youtube for reveiws.



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