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Auckland May SNS Training Session

The May SNS Nail Training Workshop in Auckland went beyond expectation with amazing results from the trainees. All of them smoothly acquired the SNS Nail technique with its neccesary knowledge. They have earned the title of SNS Certified Technician fair and square. 

Instead of a serious and the vibe of a professional training session, it almost felt like a high school art class with students sitting 2 rows facing each other in front of brushes and paints; the teacher footing around  explaining the lesson in front of a big white board, bulletin board, posters and windows. Perhaps, the trainees felt it, too.

Unlike the regular colours, SNS Gelous Colors require a special technique in order to apply the colours into the nail correctly without having them breaking down after a short period of time. Judy, the teacher of the class, the one who brought SNS to New Zealand, showed them the special skill of this unconventional gelous colour. She opened this training program to train a new generation of SNS technicians equipped with the correct skill set to do SNS correctly. 

A class room can never truely be a class room without the teacher calling: "Okay class! It's self-study time. Review the lesson on your own or with the person next to you." The trainees practice the technique with each other. This helps them to review the lesson again as well as gaining a deeper understanding through guiding  or being guided by their class mates.  Judy walked around to observe and assist her students when needed. 

If there is a class room, the must also be a graduation ceremony. The day everybody wants to come soon only to regret it when it really comes.








Eight new SNS Certified Technicians are now ready to redefine the meaing of nail polishing. Judy herself handed the certificate to each trainee. Those who have received this certificate will have the name and the salon they work at listed on SNS New Zealand website. Visit the page by clicking here and award yourself those awesome SNS Gelous Colors enails you deserve to own.  

More workshop like this would be held in the future. Follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our website to see when you can get the same training at or near your hometown.